Money Motto™ Style Survey

Have you ever wondered why it takes you forever to save your money? Or why you can’t resist spending your money on the first thing that catches your eye? Find out why by taking the Money Motto™ Style Survey!

First, what are Money Mottos™?

Money Mottos™ are subconscious thoughts and/or feelings about money that influence how we behave and interact with money.

What is a Money Motto™ Style?

Everyone has a Money Motto™ Style, but the majority of us aren’t even aware of it. Your Money Motto™ Style dictates your financial decisions, from how you earn your money to how you spend it, negotiate for it, invest it, transition it, inherit it or gift it.

Discovering your Money Motto™ Style can be an empowering influence over the financial decisions you make in your life and understanding your style can help you to better achieve your financial goals.

How many Money Motto™ Styles are there?

There are four unique Money Motto™ Styles and everyone has all four styles within them; however, one style will likely be predominant. It is important to note that all four Money Motto™ Styles have different advantages and disadvantages—no style is better than another. Occassionally, individuals can have two predominant styles, or a “combo” of styles.

Discover your
Money Motto™ Style

By completing this survey, you will discover your predominant Money Motto™ Style and find out how it influences your money-management habits and behavior (particularly your motivations for spending or saving).

Please keep in mind this survey will only benefit you if you are truly honest —your answers should reflect who you truly are, as opposed to how you want to be. Be assured, your answers are confidential and only you see the results.

Interested in discovering your personal Money Motto™ Style? You’re only a few minutes away – take the survey now!

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