For Parents

In today’s world of instant credit, online shopping and “no down payment” offers, young people can get the wrong messages about responsible use of credit, the true cost of loans, or even about when and how to open a bank account.

It is important for young people to learn money managment skills early in life and parents play a vital role in their educational process. The information and resources in this section are for parents in Alberta and Canada, who are interested in enhancing their own personal financial literacy knowledge and skills, as well as their family members’.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada

CPA Canada supports financial education as a lifelong endeavor for all Canadians. Whether the need is teaching children about saving, implementing effective budgeting and tax strategies, saving for retirement, or planning your estate, professional accountants are available to help Canadians achieve the level of prosperity needed to accomplish their life goals.

CPA Canada Resources

CPA Canada has a comprehensive program to help advance the cause of financial literacy for all Canadians.

A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money-Smart Kids is a practical resource to help parents explain to kids the importance of learning about money. By guiding parents through the five aspects of money management – Earn, Save, Spend, Share and Invest – the book provides hands-on suggestions that parents can apply to teaching kids about money at any age.

Want to find out how to boost your — and your children’s — financial literacy? Join magazine journalist Tamar Satov, who has written about parenting, personal finance and business for publications such as Today’s Parent, Canadian Business and CPA Magazine, as she blogs about her efforts to raise a Money-smart Kid.

Canadian Financial Literacy Research